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An open-source free educational alternative to learn logical circuits !


School <-> Workload ~= lim_(n->24)(n - sleep) <-> forall h \in day, (study | sleep) / h ~= 1

Summer <-> \forall h \in day, (betterly.attention sleep) / h ~= .6

TL;DR : This project is on pause until the summer

Previously on Betterly

!!! Interesting graphical advancements in Progress Updates !!!

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The Betterly project. What is it ?


It has come to the attention of our collective that there is a lack of specialized circuit design software that has the bundled following particularities :

A tall order to be sure, but it’s a nice project neverthelss.

It isn’t a purely personal project, it is also partly being developed as a project for our Open Science course which should respond to one of the UN’s Social Development Goals (SDG’s), most particularly the one that tries to ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’.

What is more inclusive than software that isn’t proprietary, doesn’t require a licence to run, and can run on any OS that supports the Java Virtual Machine (over 3 billion devices is their sales pitch) ?

Did we mention it is also open source ?

Did we mention it was made for students, by students from the Centre Universitaire d’Informatique in Geneva ?

We have been exposed to the lack of tools, but instead of complaining (although some of us did anyways, by principle), we took to our IDE’s and made something ‘new’.

And by ‘new’ I mean that the concept exists, sure, but this implementation was entirely made by us in Scala (except for the GUI library, ain’t nobody got time for that).

So yeah ! Exciting stuff !

The Team (Marcy Paramonoff, Kevin Colombara, Clément Jeannet, Nicolas Boeckh)


We are creating a circuit design software for education and eventually enterprises, that is open by design in order to fulfill a personal / school project concerning the concepts of Open Science in order to bring a new idea to the table in answering the UN’s SDG by bringing a form of ‘quality education for all’.

Stuff to be done

      //TODO More GUI Progress
      //TODO Use timing/value diagrams
       for IC output to get rid of update lag.
        Ability to display them as well as 
       associated truth table on GUI plus export to .tsv
       (Openable by Excel or others for quick count,
       contrary to .csv).
      //TODO GUI Components.